FREE Gift: 7-Day Meditation Series (DIGITAL COURSE)


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This mini-series is a free offering to help you start meditating!

We all need guidance in relaxing our minds and getting into meditation, especially when we are getting started. It is my great honor to offer you some free mediations, and it is my sincere intention to help you reconnect to the peaceful stillness, power and true beauty that is already within you. We all get crazy busy and our monkey minds want to keep pulling us into the future or the past, which is why I created these 7 meditations just for you, to help bring you right here and now, where peace and joy is to be had.

Your FREE gift includes:

7 audio file meditations led by Kimberly on the topics of Stress, Health, Love, Beauty, Abundance, Focus and Power. The meditations will be sent to you via email in a .mp3 format so you can download and listen to them anytime you would like!

  • Stress and Relaxation
  • Feel Fully Alive, Youthful and Healthy
  • Attract More Love Now
  • Awaken the Beauty Within You
  • Effortless Abundance in All Ways
  • Focus on the Life You Want
  • Realize Your True Power