Kimberly Snyder's 30 Day Roadmap to Healthy Weight Loss (DIGITAL COURSE)


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Transform your body, burn away stubborn fat & create the glowing skin

This comprehensive, proven program (we have dozens of testimonials totaling hundreds of pounds lost!) has been carefully designed to transform your body, burn away stubborn fat, create the glowing skin you’ve always wanted, boost your energy and immunity, improve your digestion, foster more balanced moods, rebuild beautiful hair, banish brain fog and so much more. Yowzah! The program is constructed to replicate the 1-on-1 work I do with celebrity clients.

The approach is simplicity – I’ll guide you EACH day on exactly what to do. The goal: to get you to see rapid results. Within 30 short day, you’ll have so much progress, both in your habits, confidence with diet, and your noticeable results, you’ll be on fire and never look back.


  • Daily Coaching Videos
  • 30 Days of Recipes & Meal Plans
  • Step-by-Step Cooking Instructions
  • Detailed Shopping Lists
  • Results Accelerator Introduction Video
  • Daily Tips About Daily Choices
  • Video Transcripts
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • BONUS: Banish Bloating PDF
  • BONUS: Results Accelerator Q&A
  • BONUS: Night Routine Video
  • BONUS: 11 Meditations
  • BONUS: Meditation Video
  • BONUS: Grounding Video