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+ What are probiotics?

Probiotics are a form of live bacteria that are a key part of the natural world, and crucial to our survival. Probiotics help beneficial bacteria to flourish in the body, while hindering the growth of harmful microorganisms.

+ What are SBO's?

Soil-based organisms (SBOs) get their name because they literally come from the soil. Up until the advent of modern food processing, along with the washing and cooking of nearly everything, soil based organisms were a common and absolutely essential part of our diet.

Actually, they are still essential, just unfortunately not all that common anymore.

+ Why are SBO's so vital to our health?

In nature, one of the chief functions of SBO's is to release powerful enzymes that sterilize the soil, removing harmful forms of bacteria, while creating optimum conditions for growth.

Otherwise the soil would be too hindered by yeasts, molds, fungi and other harmful organisms impede plant growth. Similarly, inside our digestive system, SBO's help create an environment that limits the growth of unfriendly bacteria, including pathogens, candida and others.

Soil Based Organisms also help your digestive system digest and assimilate carbohydrates, fats and proteins, while at the same time speeding the elimination of waste.

+ How many "billions" of CFU's do you have?

Most products require billions of CFU's per serving because the strains of probiotics actually get killed by stomach acids during digestion. Meaning, very little actually make it through your digestive system.

What's more, the strains in these products are often less than 1.5% of what's inside your GI tract under in optimal conditions. Thus, they do not reflect nature--inside or outside your body--and billions of them don't aren't all that helpful anyway.

With Beauty Detox Probiotic+, actual CFU count is less important for two main reasons: 1) SBO's are what we'd find in nature, and therefore symbiotic with our body and not harmed by the digestive process. And 2) the formula includes a prebiotic that helps accelerate the repopulation of all forms of friendly bacteria once they're in your system.

+ What makes the Probiotic+ formula unique?

See above product page for more explanation. But basically, it comes down to 5 main factors: Natural SBO's... 29 Different Strains... Survives Stomach Acids... Resident-Forming... Includes Powerful Prebiotic.

+ Can't I just eat cultured vegetables or yogurt and get the same benefit?

No, cultured vegetables and yogurt contain very different probiotic strains (mainly acidophilus and bifidobacterium), and while they are an important and great thing to include in a superior diet, provide significantly less benefit in comparison to SBO's.

+ What benefits should I expect to see?

Here are just some of the potential benefits:
Clear, glowing skin

Increased energy

Less bloating or puffiness

Efficient digestion

Clear, bright eyes

Slimmer waistline

Improved mental clarity

Naturally better mood

Reduction in acne/age spots

And more…

+ How do probiotics affect my health overall?

See the product page for lengthier explanation. In short, there is no aspect of your health--from your digestive system, immune system, brain and more--that is not in some way enhanced by greater probiotic balance.

+ Can Probiotic+ help with candida?

While we cannot make specific claims with certainty, it's believed that many strains of SBO's feed off the same pathogenic yeasts, moulds, fungi and bacteria that plague individuals suffering from Candidasis. In fact, one of the key advantages of SBO's is that, unlike conventional probiotics, they are not dependent on a healthy gut environment to function. In fact, they are extremely resilient and will help even in cases of great imbalance.

William C Bryce M.D. PhD wrote this about SBO's: "Just as SBO's destroy molds, yeasts, fungi and viruses in the soil of the organic garden, they perform the same with pathological organisms in the gut, greatly augmenting the body's immune system." Overall, combining SBO consumption via Probiotic+ with the other changes recommended as part of a Beauty Detox lifestyle, together form a very strong foundation for the reduction or removal of Candidiasis symptoms.

+ How do I know if my intestinal flora is imbalanced?

We are all exposed to chemicals in the air. And even if you currently buy only organic, you've probably been exposed to chemicals on the food you eat. Other factors: Excess food processing. Food additives. Stress. Negativity. Mental or emotional trauma. Too much oil or heavy foods like meat. Hormones and other additives in meat. Antibiotics. Unnatural vitamins and supplements.

All these affect our probiotic balance and thus, virtually all of us can benefit from a product like Probiotic+, with 29 different strains of SBO's.

+ Are there any actual studies backing up the efficacy or benefit of these probiotics?

Yes, though it's still early. There was a study conducted at the University of Washington in Seattle concluded that IBS sufferers could experience both short-term and long-term relief with the use of these specific SBO's.

And then a study conducted at one of the most prestigious institutions in Ecuador , concluded that consuming of SBO's could help significantly reduce the time spent with symptoms like diarrhea.

Overall, when it comes to studies, we must remember that drugs are much more lucrative than nutritional supplements, and therefore easier for big companies to fund expensive studies.

Similarly, much of the research done on probiotics has been done by companies with a vested interest in the outcome (i.e. yogurt manufacturers) and therefore biased. However, as the benefits of SBO's become more widely known, more and more research will emerge.

+ In the past, you've talked about acidophilus and bifidobacterium in the past. What has changed?

Yes, I've spoken about those in the past because they are the primary probiotic strains found in cultured foods, such as sauerkraut, and are indeed very valuable in aiding digestive health. I still feel that way and continue to eat and recommend cultured foods--including on my blog, in my books and in live lectures.

The distinction is that, when it comes to a probiotic supplement, I choose to focus on types/strains that are more beneficial and yet also more difficult to obtain through one's daily diet--which holds true for soil-based organisms (SBO's).

As we mentioned earlier, SBO's are largely lacking from the diet of anyone who does not eat unwashed wild food, or organic food straight from the garden--which is typically very rare. And taking a full spectrum of SBO's better reflects both what's found in nature, and also the ideal constitution of our gut microflora.

Last but not least, compared to those popular strains, SBO's are impervious to stomach acid, are assimilated more readily, and do more to keep pathogens at bay, while aiding the proliferation of many different strains of friendly bacteria.

Product Specific

+ How many capsules are in one bottle of Probiotic+?

60 capsules, a one-month supply.

+ What is the shelf life?

Stored at room temperature, optimum potency should last approximately 2 years.

+ Are these probiotics animal-derived or contain any animal by products?

No, they are 100% suitable for vegetarians.

+ Do they contain any lactose?

No, they are 100% lactose free.

+ Do they contain gluten?

No, they are 100% gluten and wheat-free.

+ What is the capsule made of?

It's made of vegetable cellulose, and unlike gelatin capsules often used for probiotic supplements, is suitable for vegans.

+ Does Beauty Detox Probiotic+ conflict with other vitamins or nutritional supplements?

Absolutely not. On the contrary, by helping rebalance your digestive system, nutrient absorption should be improved. So, in theory, it would actually make anything else you take work better.

+ What if I'm pregnant?

There seems to be no conflict or risk related to pregnancy to taking probiotics. However, as with any supplement, it's still always best to check with your doctor and observe how your body reacts to them, to be sure.

+ Are there any detox symptoms I should be prepared for?

In the beginning, you may experience "die off" of unfriendly bacteria, which can produce temporary gas or slight digestive discomfort. This is typically very temporary, and passes quickly. Keep in mind, the more you've been following Beauty Detox principles, the easier and smoother your experience will be.

+ Do they need to be kept refrigerated? How should I store them?

No, SBO's by their very nature are able to survive at a variety of temperatures, just as they do in nature. Therefore there is no need for special refrigeration or storage. Just don't cook them, of course!

+ How should I take them each day?

You can take 1 capsule twice per day, or simply just take two in the morning. That is often the easiest and what Kimberly does. You can safely take more, but the added benefit from taking more than two capsules per day is minimal.

+ What is the best time of day to take it?

There is no right or ideal time, the most important thing is that you simply take them! If it's easy to do so during your morning routine, that's fine. Or before lunch. Or at night--it's all fine. They will do their job anytime they are consumed, because again, our bodies were designed to get SBO's on a regular basis, throughout the day before modern food processing became so prevalent.

+ Can children take them?

Absolutely! Just as a child would naturally eat berries from an organic garden and get SBO's naturally, he or she can safely consume Probiotic+. The only caveat is you may want to begin with just one capsule daily, versus the recommended dose of two for adults.

+ Can I take this product while breastfeeding?

Yes, there are no known issues or contraindications tied to breastfeeding. In fact, better digestion and nutrient assimilation should, in theory, mean more nutrition passing through the breast milk and on to the baby. If you have any question or concerns in this area, it's recommended you speak to the medical professional helping oversee your pregnancy.

+ Is it safe to take with medications?

Yes. While it's important to always check with your doctor, especially if you're on medication, there is no known issue or conflict. Again, humans have been consuming SBO's since the beginning of evolution.

+ Can I take them with antibiotics? Or after?

Yes, actually, because antiobiotics kill both good and bad bacteria indiscriminately, taking Probiotic+ is especially helpful while one is on antibiotics. Of course, check with your doctor or health provider. And if you have any doubts, you can always wait until after your antiobiotic series is complete and then use Probiotic+ to help restore balance.

+ Is the plastic used in the bottles of Probiotic+ recyclable?

Yes, we encourage you to recycle your product bottle after you're done with it!

+ Is it non-GMO?

Yes, Probiotic+ is absolutely 100%, non-GMO.

+ Does Probiotic+ contain any actual soil?

YNo, there is no dirt or soil inside the capsules of Probiotic+. What our product team has done with Probiotic+ is take the specific strains of probiotics that naturally exist within the soil, and then regrow those strains in pure, organic conditions. The end result is that --with each and every capsule of Probiotic+ -- you get what's been missing eating food directly from nature, without actually eating dirt or soil.

+ Is Probiotics+ a vegan formula?

Yes, there are no animal products in Probiotic+. It's just the strains of probiotics we've listed on the label, along with leonardite, a carbon-based mineral that acts as "food" for the friendly flora inside your intestinal tract.

+ How can ingesting "micro-organisms" actually be vegan?

Micro-organisms are everywhere -- they are an invisible part of life. Even dust contains bacteria! Furthermore, it's estimated that we have over a trillion forms of bacteria within our bodies. They are as fundamental to life as air, oxygen or water.

Vegan products or foods are defined as not being animal-derived. Probiotics are NOT animal derived, they are part of the natural world.

+ Why does Probiotic+ require more of an investment than some others?

The 29 different SBO probiotic strains (along the natural composition of this formula) are extremely unique and cannot be found in probiotic supplements costing upwards of $60 per bottle. Perfecting Probiotic+ not only took a tremendous amount of R&D by our team, but to continually produce it in a pure, organic, high-potency form is very labor-intensive and must be done in very small batches.

In addition, a good probiotic helps you extract more nutrition and cellular energy from every bite of food you consume. Many people spend hundreds (or more) on organic foods each month, and then more on isolated vitamins, minerals or superfoods. Probiotic+ works on a much more foundational level, helping you restore optimum digestion and enhance every part of your health and beauty.

+ Do I have to take Probiotics+ with food?

While you can take Probiotics+ with meals, it's not a requirement. The product will be equally effective whether you take one capsule twice a day, or two capsules at once -- with food, or on an empty stomach. Just do whatever is easiest for you, the most important thing is that you take it consistently.

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