Feel Good SBO Probiotics+


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Clinically researched strains to support healthy gut flora

This powerful formula is designed to promote your overall well-being, immunity and beauty by improving your digestive health. Re-balancing your levels of friendly bacteria via consumption of broad spectrum SBO’s is the single best way to restore digestive health. This formula most closely reflects what would be found in nature, and how our ancestors obtained probiotics, by eating a small amount of soil found on wild or unwashed organic food that contains beneficial bacterium.

  • This proprietary soil based organism (SBO) probiotic formula has clinically researched strains combined in the best ratios to create harmony in your body
  • Contains prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics (to support colonization)
  • Restores microflora balance
  • Contains turkey tail, chaga and shilajit, which boosts immunity and supports healthy bacterial colonization