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Kimberly Snyder's 30 Day Roadmap to Healthy Weight Loss (DIGITAL COURSE)

Kimberly Snyder's 30 Day Roadmap for Healthy Weight Loss Course
Kimberly Snyder's 30 Day Roadmap for Healthy Weight Loss Course Plus SBO Probiotics
Kimberly Snyder's 30 Day Roadmap for Healthy Weight Loss Course Plus Solluna Supplements

Kimberly Snyder's 30 Day Roadmap to Healthy Weight Loss (DIGITAL COURSE)

Kimberly Snyder's 30 Day Roadmap to Healthy Weight Loss (DIGITAL COURSE) has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 16 reviews.

A complete roadmap, body + mind, to help you lose weight for good

If you feel lost and confused and have tried the broken "dieting" model before and didn't see results, then the 30 Day Roadmap is just for you! Cut thr... Read more

A complete roadmap, body + mind, to help you lose weight for good

If you feel lost and confused and have tried the broken "dieting" model before and didn't see results, then the 30 Day Roadmap is just for you! Cut through the noise of weight loss fads. You'll be surprised by how quickly your energy will improve and you'll start to see a change. It's an easy to follow, step-by-step, daily meal plan & coaching program to lose weight and boost your beauty and wellness!

Most weight loss programs are "diets." They're not a roadmap for lifetime success. Stop punishing yourself with programs that are too rigid and too difficult to maintain - that you know just won't work for you. It's time to break free of the numbers!

Benefits of the 30 Day Roadmap for Healthy Weight Loss Digital Program

  • Weight loss (of course!)
  • Less bloating and indigestion
  • More energy
  • Clear, glowing skin
  • Improved focus and less brain fog
  • Happier mindset and mood
  • Healthier nails and hair
  • Beauty from the inside out
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Benefits of 30 Day Weight Loss Roadmap

Achieve Weight-Loss Goals

Enhances Energy & Vitality

Improves Skin Health

Improves Digestion

Enhances Mood & Emotional Well-Being

Develop Healthy Lifestyle

About 30 Day Weight Loss Roadmap

This 30 day program is all about transformation. If you follow the plan, you'll improve your ability to burn away stubborn fat and lose unwanted pounds. You'll experience better digestion, less gas and less bloating. Your skin will glow, your mind will become clearer and you'll have more energy.

Typical weight loss programs and diets don't account for how our body digests food. When you improve your digestion, weight loss becomes much easier to achieve! In four weeks, you'll experience what it FEELS like for your body to be efficient. It isn't just about your physical appearance. It's about feeling lighter, feeling more vibrant and energetic. Imagine what feeling light and carefree in your body all day feels like!

Why This Weight Loss Journey is Different

You likely have your own weight loss journey. Perhaps you've already had MANY weight loss experiences including: yo-yo dieting, macro or calorie counting, restrictive low carb or low sugar dieting, or have tried the latest fad or diet of the day. If you have, you're not alone. It's why I created the 30 Day Weight Loss Roadmap.

This 30 Day Roadmap for Healthy Weight Loss course is different from likely anything you've ever tried before. You may have purchased a meal plan in the past, but where most programs fall short, we've gone the extra mile. You'll receive a daily meal plan with recipes and grocery lists for convenience, but you'll also receive support along the way with daily coaching videos. They'll inspire you to keep moving forward and build your confidence. With each day, you'll create the daily habit of eating and living the Beauty Detox Lifestyle.

"The plan works because it works with your body, mind, and spirit, not against it like the many trendy, restrictive, and unhealthy fad diets. My success working with high profile and celebrity clients is the result of creating a long-lasting lifestyle program that's easy to follow! It's not just about weight loss. It's about improving your vitality and feeling good every day!"

-- Kimberly Snyder


Daily Meal
Planning Instructions

Shopping Lists

Private Support
Group Access

Video Coaching

Bloating Report

Weight-Loss Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase the 30-Day Roadmap For Healthy Weight Loss, you get access to online software that contains all of your materials. You will have lifetime access to these materials immediately, and you can start the Roadmap as soon as you like. I’ve also created video transcripts and downloadable pdfs to save to your computer, phone or tablet and access it at any time.

We get this question a lot, and you'll be happy to know we designed this Healthy Weight Loss Roadmap just for you — with that same concern in mind.

We like to think it's foolproof because you have everything laid out for your success. You'll have complete grocery shopping lists, daily meal plans, information about how to batch cook and when to eat! Because it is digital, you can take it with you and reference it anytime, no matter where you are. Good, healthy choices are at your fingertips always.

Your bonus materials will help you stay on track and stay motivated and focused for the entire 30 day period and beyond. Food combining is a big part of the program, and after 30 days of experiencing proper food combining, you'll never want to go back!

This step-by-step program is the easiest way to follow the Beauty Detox Lifestyle. And it truly is a lifestyle, not a diet. If you're familiar with any of my books, this program is the best way to easily incorporate the principles into your life.

Although I can't guarantee you'll never feel hungry, especially in the first few days as your body adjusts to a new way of eating, it won't last long! Many diets you've likely tried in the past restrict calories, food groups and carbohydrates. These restrictions mean you're probably hungry most of the day and have to "white knuckle" your way through it. Ugh.

These restrictions also lead to frustration and failure. One reason is that our bodies need a broad array of nutrients and, yes, even carbohydrates! You'll never feel restricted because we encourage you to eat whole delicious, nutritious food.

While there are thousands of Beauty Detox recipes and options for what you could eat—we gathered and created a series of recipes that will not only help you get the fastest possible results, but they won't deprive you or leave you feeling hungry either. We've also included snack options for when you need a little extra something to feel satisfied.

Your body will adjust quickly to this new, delicious, nutrient dense way of eating and it will begin to properly signal you when it is really time to eat. Your food becomes your energy, not a mindless habit.

You don't need to worry! The recipes are simple and easy to make. I thoroughly explain how to create each recipe in the instructions so you can easily prepare each meal.

Yes. If you're looking for a simple and easy-to-follow plan, you've come to the right place!

This complete roadmap coaching program does ALL the planning for you. You will know exactly what to do to be successful. No guessing required. You'll have complete grocery lists for each shopping trip to make sure you have precisely what you need to make the recipes for the next few days' meal plans.

You might even say, no thinking required!

It can absolutely help you! In fact, our most glowing reviews and emails come from Beauties who've gone through the program and are already following the beauty detox lifestyle.

You'll have new recipes to try and an even greater sense of community and support in the private Facebook group. Plus, you may also be surprised at how following the complete program (meditation and all) can help you further improve your gut health and digestion. Many of our Beauties are amazed when they notice increased energy, elevated mood and glowing skin.

The recipes call for basic food staples and spices. If you have to invest in new spices or food staples, the upfront cost will be slightly higher, but overall the program is very affordable. Many people have shared with us that because they bought "real" whole food rather than relying on prepackaged food or expensive shakes and bars, they save money at the grocery store.

Additionally, each shopping list ensures that you buy exactly what you need when preparing your meals for the next few days. Buying only what you need means spending less money on extra food or items you'll eventually throw away before eating it.

Over the years and years of working with thousands of clients and community members, I often hear the same hesitation or fear (when people are brave enough to say it out loud) - the fear of what might or might not happen. You're not alone.

First, let me assure you that this is the most comprehensive Coaching Program I have ever published; I put so much time and energy into every detail.

I answer the most common questions while laying out a success plan that only my 1-on-1 clients previously received. I also added in elements that address more than food for one purpose only – weight loss. Because this program is about more than losing weight. This program is about creating healthy habits for life.

I poured my heart into this program so that you can succeed, long term, and feel good knowing that you can make a permanent change in your life.

The grocery lists, meal plans, ingredient substitutions, daily video coaching and tips, and the private Facebook group for support are all there to help you succeed.

I'm so confident in your success that my program comes with a money-back guarantee!

Don't let fear keep you from being the healthy, vibrant person you want to be.

This question is very similar to the question I get asked a lot about regarding failure. Failing to stick to a new routine or keep new healthy habits. I completely understand your concern. It's difficult to keep yo-yo dieting where you lose weight for a short period of time and gain it back. Even when you see great results beyond weight loss such as more energy, clearer skin, less bloating, it can be easy to fall into your old unhealthy routine.

When you start the 30-Day Roadmap for Healthy Weight Loss you'll immediately see how this program is different. You'll realize it's designed to help you take small habit-forming actions every day to set your new, healthy routine in motion.

Plus, the last few days are completely dedicated to helping you learn how to maintain your momentum and keep these changes in your life for good.

You'll also have access to the program forever. Who says you have to stop at 30 days? Use these weekly meal plans for 60, 90, 120 days, or more! Keep listening to the audio meditation tracks. And if your path diverts for a while, come back and use the program as a jumpstart to eating the beauty detox way.

I hear about this concern a lot. The good news is that you don't need to cook completely separate meals. The recipes I've included are so delicious that your family will love eating them too. Including your meat-eating family members! It's easy to double or triple the ingredients in a recipe and make plenty for the entire family, and you can cook a simple grilled chicken or piece of salmon on the side. So, you get to stay on track. And, they get to eat lots of healthy, delicious, whole foods. Win-win!

I know this concern all too well, as I've received my fair share of side-eye and weird questions over the years about my healthy eating style. The first thing to keep in mind: you are doing what is right for you and your health, so don't compromise your goals because a few friends or family members are making uninformed and hurtful or judgemental comments. My best advice is to keep your decision personal when you explain it. A simple, "I feel so much better when I eat this way,"" can usually suffice because it takes away any sense that you might be making a wrong choice. They can't argue about how you personally feel!

And, don't be surprised if they come asking you about how you did it when they see your enviable results! Someone has to lead, shouldn't it be you?

This is a great question and a valid concern. You will need to take a little extra time to think through each day to be prepared when you're out and about.

There are many tips in the 30 Day Roadmap to help you get ideas when you're out and about. You'll learn how to take the food with you to work, what to do in social situations, etc.

One of my favorite tips while you're on the Roadmap program and need to go to a restaurant, is to make sure to check out the menu before you venture out. Then plan your meal choice ahead of time. This will take the surprise factor of looking at the menu and spotting the pizza before noticing your salad choices.

Since the program is digital, you can always pull it up anytime for helpful planning in advance, no matter where you are. That little boost can make all the difference.

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