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3 Day Waterfall Cleanse

3 Day Waterfall Cleanse
3 Day Waterfall Cleanse
3 Day Waterfall Cleanse
3 Day Waterfall Cleanse
3 Day Waterfall Cleanse
3 Day Waterfall Cleanse
3 Day Waterfall Cleanse
3 Day Waterfall Cleanse

3 Day Waterfall Cleanse

Purify, cleanse and create vitality in your body in as little as three days with this unique holistic cleanse program.

To begin your holistic clea... Read more

Purify, cleanse and create vitality in your body in as little as three days with this unique holistic cleanse program.

To begin your holistic cleansing journey, ask yourself why you want to cleanse. Is it for a temporary quick fix to reduce bloat, or do you want to create real change in your health?

If you're ready to stop wasting time with a cleanse you start but don't finish, or you finish but discover it isn't the true "reset" you were hoping for, this complete cleanse program is what you're looking for!

You need a cleanse program that's different because traditional cleanse programs only address the physical body. They don't address your emotional or mental health, which is inseparable from your body! When you focus only on the physical body, the benefits are short-lived and limited.

By combining the physical and emotional aspects, you allow your body and entire being to cleanse at a deeper level. You clear emotional blocks, confusion and stagnant energy, and support your body's ability to release toxins and bloat you've been holding onto for far too long. What's left is your natural state of sustained energy, vitality, joy, calm peacefulness and pure potential. 

Feel the power of lightness! And discover the difference with a complete step-by-step three-day program designed specifically to purify and deeply cleanse your body, mind and soul. 

Cleanse Program Only Includes:

  • 3 Day Cleanse Program, including powerful and delicious juice, smoothie and elixir recipes to help expel toxins and support your detoxification organs
  • Twice daily guided Practical Enlightenment Meditations‚ĄĘ
  • Journaling prompts to encourage introspection, processing, ‚Äúdigestion‚ÄĚ of old emotions and clarity around your health goals
  • Gentle movement exercises to help release stress, tension and rigidity and allow new fresh energy and prana to circulate

  • Delivered as a downloadable digital PDF file via our online academy.

Cleanse Program & Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 SBO Probiotics
  • 1 Digestive Enzymes
  • 1 Detoxy

*All sales are final for the cleanse program*

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Benefits of the 3 Day Waterfall Cleanse

Toxins Naturally


Weight Loss

Better Sleep

Overall Glow

Stagnant Energy

Promotes Focus
and Clarity

About 3 Day Waterfall Cleanse

How is the Waterfall Cleanse Different From Other Cleanses?

There are many differences! Firstly, on a physical level, this cleanse isn't all juice. We start and end each day with the fiber-filled Glowing Green Smoothie¬ģ (GGS), because we want to have the fiber to chelate and bind to toxins to escort them out of the body. If you do an all water or all juice fast, sure, you can lose some temporary water weight. But our goal with this cleanse is to purify and deeply cleanse your body and being, and so the fiber is an important component of that.

The Waterfall Cleanse is also a reset for your mind and spirit. It's a chance to step back and look at your overall life, not just from the perspective of cleansing toxins from your body, but also cleansing out toxic or stagnant energy across your life, including from old, undigested emotions and experiences, limited mental beliefs, relationships, work and so on.

That is why this plan also includes twice daily guided meditations, to help you go deeper in self-connection to your True Self, your intuition, your truth. It also involves journaling prompts as a potent form of introspection and helping you to develop clarity.

This is a holistic cleanse for all parts of your being, to support your wholeness, strength and health, now and as a reset for going forward!


3 Day
Cleanse Program

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Guided Practical Enlightenment Meditations‚ĄĘ

Gentle Movement Exercise

"Living and working in a fast paced industry, Kimberly's Waterfall Cleanse helped me find much needed space and clarity. The smoothies and juices left me feeling nourished and light, and paired with the meditations and journaling prompts, it allowed for an aligned mind and body reset."

-- Katie Conway, Television producer

"Kimberly Snyder's Waterfall Cleanse supported me in feeling lighter and clearer in my body and mind. I loved the additional elements of the cleanse, including the guided meditations and journaling prompts, which make this unique holistic cleanse experience resonate on a much deeper level."

-- Rooney Mara

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many differences! Firstly, on a physical level, this cleanse isn't all juice. We start and end each day with the fiber-filled Glowing Green Smoothie (GGS) because we want the fiber to chelate and bind to toxins to escort them out of the body. If you do an all-water or all-juice fast, sure, you can lose some temporary water weight. But our goal with this cleanse is to purify and deeply cleanse your body, so fiber is an essential component.

The Waterfall Cleanse is also a reset for your mind and spirit! It's a chance to step back and look at your overall life, not just cleansing toxins from your body but also cleansing out toxic or stagnant energy across your life, including old, undigested emotions and experiences, limited mental beliefs, relationships, work, and so on.

This plan also includes twice daily guided meditations to help you go deeper into self-connection to your True Self, intuition, and truth. It also involves journaling prompts as a potent form of introspection and allows you to develop clarity.

The stretching video is meant to help you physically move energy around and through your body to make room for new, fresh energy and prana to circulate, elevating your overall vitality and aliveness. As much of a media and social media, break as possible is recommended to help reduce external influences and noise, so you can better hear your intuition and truth.

  • Creates a state of inner balance and harmony
  • Purifies your whole being of toxins and stressors
  • By resting the extremely energy-intense process of digestion, energy can then be used for healing and rejuvenation
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Promotes better sleep and immunity
  • Increases Glow and feelings of lightness
  • Clearing the body of toxins allows us to connect more deeply to our True Self
  • Creates overall glow
  • Promotes more focus and clarity
  • Balances your overall energy to Sattvic. Sattvic energy is calm, peaceful, and in its true power. Excess Rajasic energy can lead to anxiety, over-activity, impatience, and jealousy. Overly Tamasic energy can lead to stagnation, darkness, slothfulness, and confusion

A waterfall is THE epitome of health, abundance, and vitality in nature. Waterfalls are glowing and dynamic… and incredibly magnetic and radiant! When you see a waterfall, you stop and stare.

Your body is, on average, over 70% water, so water analogies are a powerful symbol for your overall well-being. By creating more flow in your energy and body, you can tap into this powerful waterfall energy through this Waterfall Cleanse.

The opposite is a stagnant, sludge-filled pond, which is filled with toxins and does not look or feel vital and healthy in any way. Our intention with the Waterfall Cleanse is to transform any stagnation in your body into flowing, radiant waterfall energy!

Most of our systems are taxed for many reasons. We don't eat perfectly; there are countless chemicals and pollutants in our products, environment, food, and water supplies, stress, and over-eating…just to name a few.

Cleansing is a powerful way to rest your system and create harmony and balance. There are many ways to do a cleanse. Still, the Waterfall Cleanse is exceptionally powerful because of its balanced, holistic approach to cleansing on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, which will allow your natural glow and vitality to flourish!

Your intestines play a significant role in overall health, and blockages and issues in your bowel can negatively affect your skin (acne, inflammatory rashes, etc.) and beauty overall. Your colon (large intestine) is the sewage system of the body. Your bowels eliminate bodily toxins along with your lungs, skin, and kidneys. At the same time, Your small intestine is where, once the food you eat reaches your intestines, villi (small, finger-like projections on intestinal walls) absorb nutrients and deliver them to the rest of your body.

Gut flora is important, too. Your intestines contain more than 100 trillion bacteria and microorganisms. The friendly bacteria in your gut stimulate blood antibodies, allow your body to deal with toxins and allergens, produce vital nutrients, protect you from harmful bacteria and parasites, aid in digestion, and fight foreign invaders that could lead to infection.

All of you are interrelated and part of your wholeness-your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Hence why our 4 Cornerstones at Solluna are Food, Body, Emotional Well-being, and Spiritual Growth. When your body and GI tract is overloaded with toxins, your digestion becomes impaired, and there's more buildup overall. This creates more mental and emotional feelings of stagnation, frustration, and anxiety. You feel heavy across your day and life instead of feeling light and joyful.

There is a lot of research on the connection between gut health and mental health, including the impact of a healthy microbiome on your neurotransmitters and moods.

You can also look to your intuition and personal experience, which is the most important marker of all. When you feel light and healthy, have complete bowel movements, and expel toxins regularly, don't you just feel great? The Waterfall Cleanse is an opportunity to create clear intentions across your life, how you want to feel, and where you want to focus your energy. It's a chance to notice blocks and patterns, physically, emotionally, and mentally, and work to create incredible positive shifts.

You may feel a little tired, light-headed, or have a headache as toxins are released, and your body is purified. These are all good signs and will pass in a short time. If these symptoms persist or you feel abnormally and highly uncomfortable, you can reintroduce heavier foods to stop cleansing.

You may also feel bursts of incredible energy, joy, and clarity. The Waterfall Cleanse is an incredible chance for your body to reset old patterns into beneficial new ones, with intention, transparency, and self-awareness around how you want to feel and what you want to create in your life.

Juices give a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals, quickly and easily absorbed by your body. We partnered with Nama Juicer because it is an excellent home cold-pressed juicer that helps retain the enzymes and nutrients for longer than regular juices and extracts more nutrients from all the veggies.

Ideally, you would avoid coffee and all caffeine in general and stick to what's on the plan! We are looking to create harmony and balance in your body, and caffeine is rajasic, speeds things up, and, in excess, can contribute to anxiety and insomnia. If you absolutely need to, you can have at most one cup of organic coffee in the morning…but you might be surprised how clear you feel when you take a break.

You can drink water, either plain or flavored with cucumber or lemon slices, and also herbal tea or hot water with lemon or ginger.

The nutritional value of the GGS's superiority can be summed up in one word: fiber. 32 ounces of the GGS has over 13 grams of fiber. While you are cleansing, you want to consume fiber to help continuously flush toxins from your body, so they are not reabsorbed.

So while you will be consuming the Glowing Green Juice and the Deep Nutrition Juice on your cleanse, you will be drinking the Glowing Green Smoothie to start and end the day.

Here's more info on the power of fiber:

-Fiber assists with proper, deep detoxification by helping to sweep toxins and waste out of the body. The definition of a cleanse is that the old matter has to leave the body, and fiber helps sweep it out. It also contributes to better peristalsis, which promotes more excellent cleansing as well.

-Fiber also aids in the detoxification of the liver. Fiber has no calories, and it helps remove circulating fats and toxins and escorts them out of your body. Without adequate fiber, fat, and toxins can flow back into the liver via the enterohepatic fluid and recirculate. Detox is an essential part of maintaining health and beauty, and fiber plays a vital role in this process.

-Fiber intake has been linked to protection against many diseases, including Heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, Colon cancer, and Diverticulitis. Likewise, fiber scrubs intestines and helps promote healthy bowel movements.

-Fiber also helps to fight fatty liver. If the liver does not regulate fat metabolism efficiently, weight gain tends to occur around the abdominal area, and a protuberant abdomen (pot belly) will develop. This is not good for the waistline! Likewise, belly fat has been explicitly linked to various health problems including heart disease, stroke, and insulin resistance.

A general timetable is provided to you in the Waterfall Cleanse Plan, which starts at 7 am and spaces the smoothies and drinks out generally two hours apart. However, as noted at the top of the plan, you can and should listen to your body. This means you can have some drinks closer together and have longer gaps. There's a lot of cleansing and healing work that your body is catching up on during the cleanse, and so there are times when your body is going to feel differently over this period, including when it's calling out for more smoothies or juices and times when it is not wanting more consumption.

Lemon juice is an essential addition to the GGS because it boosts vitamin C, and increased Vitamin C increases non-heme (plant-based) iron in the greens. Lemon also acts as a blood purifier and cleansing agent to flush out bacteria and toxins in the body. It assists digestion, removes constipation, and regulates bile flow. Lemon also helps detoxify the liver, which is your central fat-burning and detoxifying organ.

On the most basic level, enzymes are proteins that catalyze hundreds of different processes in the body. This includes breaking down fats, enhancing mental capacity, purifying the blood, and renewing aging skin. There are metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes, and food enzymes.

The Waterfall Cleanse is a chance for your body to heal, cleanse and repair your entire digestive system. By consuming the Feel Good Digestive Enzymes daily while cleansing, you are aiding your body in more deeply digesting and cleansing out old toxins and waste so that your digestive organs can function more efficiently and your entire being can rejuvenate.

Experiencing hunger is a natural part of cleansing. It will probably come and go at various times during the cleanse. Lean into the strength at your core, your center, your True Self. You can do this! Your body is used to specific patterns and habits, and now it might rebel a bit when you are changing those patterns.

Drinking hot herbal teas or simply more hot water with lemon or ginger can help quell your appetite. You can chew some celery sticks or cucumber slices if you’re going through a tough patch and need something to keep going. Please avoid anything heavier and any form of fat, protein, or salt.

The overall order of the plan is important to follow, but the timing does not have to stick strictly to the time frames provided in the plan. Your individual body will go through different shifts during the cleanse, and so at times, you may feel you want to consume more of the smoothies and juices closer together, and there may be times you want to take longer breaks. Your schedule might also vary. Go with your own flow, beginning to consume the first smoothie as soon as you feel true hunger and being sure to finish your last Glowing Green Smoothie several hours before bedtime.

This cleanse is designed for adults, so I recommend being 18+ to follow the cleanse.

First off, please refrain from alcohol entirely on the cleanse! It's not all or nothing, and you may want to enjoy a drink from time to time. However, we know that alcohol disrupts the harmony of the entire body, including your microbiome, so it's something I recommend only partaking in when you really want to and forgoing casual occasions. I personally rarely drink alcohol, although I will enjoy some organic wine on occasion.

I do not recommend pregnant and breastfeeding mothers participate in the 3-Day Waterfall Cleanse. Your body needs a higher calorie count during these special times. You are, of course, welcome to drink the Glowing Green Smoothie and the juices as part of your day for deep nourishment and practice the guided meditations, stretch video, and journaling prompts, but it is essential you are also incorporating enough healthy fat, carbs, and proteins to keep up the caloric needs necessary for your growing baby and or milk production. Some great ways to consume healthy foods include stews, soups, and bowls that feature items such as quinoa, bean, avocado, tahini, veggies, and so on.

Thank you for being part of the community! We are happy you are here. As your hormones drop to their lowest levels during your period, you may find it harder to cleanse during this time of the month. If you suffer from PMS and other symptoms during your period, you may have an easier time doing the cleanse during the first two weeks after your period, during your follicular phase and your ovulation phase as your hormones begin to rise again. You, of course, can do the cleanse at any time, but if during your period doesn't feel right, please listen to your body and wait a few days to begin.

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