Science Vitamin C Serum

About Feel Good Vitamin C Serum

Transform the look of your skin’s appearance and texture with this vitamin-rich anti-aging formula that contains so much more than Vitamin C. It nourishes your skin with powerful ingredients to reduce inflammation, hydrates skin with Hyaluronic Acid and natural hydrosols, and improves the appearance of dark spots with Licorice Root. You’re going to love the way your skin looks and feels!?

Why is Asc2P the Most Powerful Vitamin C?

It’s no secret that vitamin c is great for your skin. This formula includes Asc2P which is up to 10x stronger and more stable than the bulk, run of the mill Vitamin C typically added to skincare. It’s also been clinically proven to extend the cellular lifespan at the telomere level (for true anti-aging effects). It visibly brightens and improves skin tone, plus promotes collagen production which radically improves the appearance and texture of your skin for true skin radiance.