Science Feel Good Eye Cream

About Feel Good Eye Cream

The first signs of aging are seen around the eyes as this delicate skin is especially susceptible to fine lines, wrinkles and damage caused by harmful environmental pollutants. This formula combines carefully selected botanicals known for their anti-inflammatory and calming properties and powerful antioxidants that protect, hydrate and brighten the sensitive under eye area.

Why Choose Feel Good Eye Cream?

This formula does it all. It brightens, tightens, smoothes and hydrates! Formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients, including Black Cumin Seed Oil which is not only a fatty acid powerhouse but also contains over 100 vitamins and minerals. Floral hydrosols and essential oils are infused with botanicals and antioxidants, and natural oils rich in fatty acids like black seed oil deeply hydrate. Together with Vitamin A to reduce discoloration, these nutrients are proven to increase moisture, elasticity and brightness in the skin.