Science Digestive Enzymes

About Feel Good Digestive Enzymes

The Digestive Enzyme Myth: A common misconception about digestive enzymes is they are only for poor digestion or with “cheat” meals. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, if you’re eating a Beauty Detox diet, this is the perfect add-on for every meal! Digestion requires an incredible amount of energy. When you support your digestion your energy levels and vitality improves because your body is using the food you put in it to more effectively fuel your cells.

Why Choose Feel Good Digestive Enzymes?

Does this ever happen to you after you eat, especially a meal with a lot of experience heaviness or sluggishness, indigestion, bloating or gas? If yes, enzymes can help. This formulation especially supports diets high in fat and fiber-rich plants. Hard-working cellulase and xylanase provide extra support to break down fiber and boost energy, mental clarity, immunity and digestive health. We included 2-3x more lipase than other leading digestive enzyme formulas for improved fat absorption! So you really get the most of your beauty fat and it’s not stored as body fat.