Probiotics vs Others

Probiotic+ Is Different in 5 Key Ways

There are literally hundreds of probiotic products available for sale. How do you know which product you're supposed to trust and buy? And what makes Probiotic+ so different?

Over the past few years, I've been doing extensive research to find a probiotic that had everything I wanted. I couldn't find it. And so I collaborated and developed this product to fill that void of a superior product that perfectly reflects the balance normally found only in nature.

While there are other products out there that contain varying amounts of SBO's in their formula, Probiotic+ is the only one with maximum diversity, including 29 distinct strains that mostly closely mimic nature.

This means you get an experience similar to what you'd find if you were eating fruits and vegetables, unwashed, from pristine soil.

Think back to the study of native cultures — whose greater probiotic diversity led to lower levels of chronic conditions. Many different proven strains is a very important characteristic to look for in a probiotic.


The most popular probiotic strains—like the lactobacilli or bifidobacterium found in yogurt or popular probiotic products—constitute less than 1.5% of the bacteria found in the human gut.

Soil-based organisms, on the other hand, literally come from the soil and have been part of our diet and human evolution since life first began on earth. Throughout our history, we would have liberally consumed these invisible, highly beneficial forms of bacteria on unwashed fruits and vegetables eaten in the wild.

Sadly, unless you're eating wild organic food regularly, you don't get this form of beneficial bacteria in your diet anymore.

One reason why the particular strains included in Probiotic+ were selected is because they are resident-forming. This means, they actually take hold in your gut, helping consume or eliminate pathogens and unfriendly bacteria, while paving the way for the repopulation of good bacteria.

Over time, the strains in Probiotic+ can powerfully shift the balance of your biological terrain, improving digestion and leading to significant improvements in your overall health, wellness and beauty.

Probiotic+ also includes leonardite—which is considered one of nature's most powerful "prebiotics". That term refers to any substance, which feeds good bacteria, helping them reproduce more quickly.

This is another reason why Beauty Detox Probiotic+ does NOT need to have billions of CFU's per capsule. Because not only does it safely pass through digestion… but also, the prebiotic component helps the good bacteria multiply much more rapidly once inside your intestinal tract.

It seems there is an industry-wide trend to focus on how many billions of CFU's (colony forming units) can be included in a product, and that may be because those popular strains are generally killed off by stomach acids during digestion. If you look at the probiotic products on the shelves, there are dozens of products boasting more (and more!) billions of cultures, each trying to outdo the other (the focus here reminds me of our society's obsession with numbers- how many calories a food has, how much you weigh, how old you are, etc…).

In this case, more is not necessarily better. Such products need billions of CFU's per capsule in order to compensate for that.

Probiotic+ is different. Because SBO's have been part of our diet throughout evolution on earth, they are naturally designed by nature to survive the digestive process and make it into our gut. From there, they are activated and begin working to protect and restore your overall digestive and intestinal balance.