Science Probiotics

About Feel Good SBO Probiotics+

There’s no ‘soil’ in soil-based probiotics. The probiotics strains are grown and dried using a natural process that retains their purity.

SBOs are vegan non-dairy strains that don't require refrigeration, and unlike many dairy-based probiotics, they're much heartier and can survive stomach acid to implant in your gut, creating the balance you need! This formula includes prebiotics to feed the probiotic strains and help them take root and proliferate.

We’ve also added Humic Acid, a super nutrient that's loaded with minerals, Shilajit Extract, an ancient postbiotic compound with numerous health benefits, Turkey Tail Mushroom, a powerful immunity boosting prebiotic, and Chaga Mushroom, a nutrient dense, anti-aging superfood.

Why Choose Soil Based Probiotics?

Bacteria can be beneficial, and nature's perfect solution for probiotics is found in the soil! It's how our ancestors got their probiotics for gut health by consuming small amounts of soil found on wild and unwashed organic foods. Solluna sbos contain no dairy!

Try Feel Good SBOs for a modern-day, vegan solution to restore your digestive health and create balance in an easy, every-day supplement.