Frequently Asked Questions Vibrating Facial Wand

Frequently Asked Questions

The electronic device creates sonic vibrations as you glide over your skin to amplify the effects of more traditional facial massage from rolling devices.

You may see results in as little as 5 minutes a day, but you can benefit from twice daily use. We recommend 5-15 minutes of facial sculpting in the morning and at night to help with your skin serum or moisturizer’s penetration and performance.

Use the vibrating wand after you’ve adequately cleansed your skin of make-up and daily oils or impurities. Ideally, you’ll use it morning and night along with your favorite Feel Good Moisturizer or Vitamin C Serum.

Begin with clean makeup free skin. Apply the Feel Good Asc2P Vitamin C Serum or Moisturizer on the area of the face or neck where you want to begin. You can use the wand all over the face and neck, but pay attention especially to the areas with visible lines or wrinkles. As you move over the skin add product as needed to maintain a smooth and easy slip.

Use bottom up stroking motions for a more lifted and sculpted appearance. Although you may experience immediate improvement in your skin’s appearance, using it consistently over a period of time will produce the best results.

You turn the wand on or off by twisting. It comes with a single AA battery which can be replaced easily when needed.