Frequently Asked Questions Feel Good Cleanser

Frequently Asked Questions

The best skincare products for mature women over 50 are made with quality, natural ingredients. However, customers of all ages report that they have seen results immediately or overnight, but the consistent use of vegan skincare products can take days, even weeks, to affect the skin. Use in the recommended frequency to achieve the best results.

Yes, feel good cleanser contains emollients and oils that can remove light foundation, mascara and other eye makeup. While some cosmetics are formulated for longer wear, however, our cleanser may not completely remove all makeup. In this instance, at night, you may want to use a product specifically formulated for makeup removal before using feel good cleanser to deeply clean the skin of dirt and oils and help soften the skin and prepare it for Feel Good ASC2P Vitamin C Serum.

Feel good cleanser is plant-based skincare formulated from gentle, vegan ingredients that are kind to the planet and waterways and kind to the skin. However, some individuals may be sensitive to certain plants, so we recommend you spot-test on the soft part of your underarm, where the skin can be especially sensitive, before applying to the face.

Feel Good Cleanser is obviously not oil free, but oil, contrary to past myths about skincare, is actually GREAT for your skin (even if you have oily skin, like I do!). Formulated with the highest quality Olive Oil to add moisture, and Glycerin to attract moisture, feel good cleanser will help wash away excess oils without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

While it is completely safe to use other vegan skincare products in conjunction with Feel Good Cleanser, we recommend using our entire line as a part of your daily beauty routine, for the best results.

Yes! Our formula is completely safe to use while pregnant. The essential oils in our formula are at sparing levels and are not harmful during pregnancy.

This formula contains 16% organic ingredients. The three Surfactants (Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, and Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate) are EcoCertified, free of sulfates, vegetable derived, and have very low numbers on the EWG Skindeep database (low is good, high is bad). While we are 100% committed to bring you only the best nature has to offer, its not always possible to create the most effective product with 100% organic materials.

We use a proprietary blend of plant-based preservatives, with our goal being to protect the formula from yeast and mold and extend shelf life by keeping the oils formalized. Feel Good Cleanser is preserved with a blend of Ecocertified preservatives including Fermented Radish Root and a Coconut Fruit Extract.