Frequently Asked Questions 7-Day Meditation Series

Frequently Asked Questions

Stress Meditation: In the stress meditation we will help guide you to “scan” your body for hidden sources of stress and tension — and then use your breath to melt the tension away.

Health Meditation: This guided meditation gives you insight into the incredible affect your mind can have on your body and health. Your mind can be a source of healing.

Love Meditation: As you’ll learn and experience with this meditation, your ability to experience and attract love in your life is directly related to your ability to feel love inside. This meditation will help you bring that feeling of love to your life, every single day and attract more loving relationships into your life.

Beauty Meditation: This meditation will help you realize that a big part of the beauty that you feel and that manifests on your face and body, comes from within. In other words, beauty is a state of being — and something you can feel and amplify from the inside out — beginning with this meditation.

Abundance Meditation: This meditation will show you that abundance, in all its forms, can be experienced by going within and tapping into the infinite energy that is overflowing inside you at all times.

Focus Meditation: Whatever you focus on intensely, you can make a reality, and meditation is the single best way to strengthen your mind’s capacity for this.

Power Meditation: The truth is that authentic power is absolutely vital to our lives, on every level. True power comes from within, not from the ego or searching for something outside of yourself. True power is your ability to tap into your unlimited ability to create what you want.