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Kimberly, you’ve recommended other enzymes formulas in the past how is this one different?
In the past, I’ve always recommended enzyme products that I felt were the best enzymes products at the time; and believe they’re still solid products. However, I felt many of the products I came across didn’t fully meet the needs of my diet (the Beauty Detox Diet). Eating a plant-based diet with LOTS of fiber and high levels of beauty fat, I needed an enzyme formula that could effectively break down the extra fiber and fat quickly and efficiently, so I can reap the full benefits of those foods. Tired of searching for “the perfect fit”, I decided to create my own. I worked incredibly hard to perfect a formula that is both effective and affordable, and I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share it with you and the community!
How does feel good enzymes compare to other top enzymes on the market?
This product has more enzymes for digesting fiber, more for breaking down candida and yeast and more for metabolizing fat than other formulas. It doesn’t, however, contain quite as much protease (protein-digesting enzymes) as other supplements, but that was by design. The Beauty Detox diet suggests we reduce protein intake and increase fiber and fat, so the formula really focuses on breaking down the higher levels of these critical macronutrients in our diet.
Is it OK to take feel good digestive enzymes if I use your feel good SBO probiotics?
Absolutely! These two supplements perform very different functions within the body, so it’s ideal to use both products. Probiotics reside in your gut, assisting with immunity, brain function, enhanced mood, efficient digestion and beyond. Enzymes are different in that they help break down macro and micronutrients found in food increasing the body’s nutrient absorption. Including both in your daily practice is truly the best of both worlds. Just as with probiotics, you can take digestive enzymes for bloating and gas.
How should I take this product?
Take one capsule before each meal, or three capsules before your largest meal of the day. In cases of digestive distress or sluggish digestion, 3-5 capsules may be taken to assist the body’s natural process. For enhanced overall cellular repair and rejuvenation, three capsules may be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.
Can I take too many enzymes?
It’s possible to consume too much of anything, including water! However, it’s very difficult to overdose on enzymes. During times where you tend to indulge, like holiday meals or family gatherings, you may want to double or even triple your dosage! You will really notice the difference; it’s possible to go from tired and sluggish following a big meal, to feeling light and fresh again—simply by taking a larger dose of enzymes.
Is it OK for pregnant women or children to take feel good digestive enzymes?
While it’s always wise to consult with a physician regarding medical questions, our formula is safe for both pregnant women and children over the age of 5, in accordance with the suggested use.
What is the capsule made of?
Our capsules are made of vegetable cellulose, which, unlike most other brand’s gelatin capsules, are 100% vegan.

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