Detoxy FAQs

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How do I know if I'm taking the right amount?
Listen to your body. This product is designed to increase elimination comfortably and safely. We recommend you start with 3 capsules at most and see how your body reacts in order to figure out what is right for you. If you are pleased with your elimination, then stick with this dosage. If you feel you need more for better elimination, try increasing by 1 capsule and see how your body responds, also if elimination feels too much please decrease by 1 capsule. In general, we recommend using the product for 7 consecutive days in the beginning, and then only as needed after the first week.
Is feel good detoxy 2.0 a laxative or habit forming?
Our product is not habit-forming like a typical laxative which makes it a great addition to your long-term health program. You can increase or reduce your dosage as needed to maintain optimum elimination.
Is it okay to take feel good detoxy 2.0 daily?
Although it’s safe to take daily, we always advise that it’s best to check in with how your own body feels and supports what you’re trying to achieve. Some users take feel good detoxy 2.0 capsules daily for general maintenance, whereas others choose to take more capsules during periods of cleansing.
How does it work?
Small amounts of oxygen are released into your colon breaking up acidic waste and softening your stool which improves elimination in a natural way, without pain or discomfort.
Can it help my skin?
Because many skin issues are affected by colon health, it's possible. Having old waste stuck in your colon can lead to skin dryness, excess oil and/or acne. In general, improving digestive health and elimination will create positive changes in the appearance of your skin.
Does feel good detoxy 2.0 ever become less effective over time?
The effectiveness will never change, but you may have less of a need after using the product and/or changing your diet. Often people feel they’re getting different results because they simply have less waste to eliminate! We’re always eating, drinking, living in a world with external pollution and producing metabolic by-products so there’s always a need for occasional cleansing. Because our product is non-addictive there is no risk for dependency.
Do I need to drink more water when taking feel good detoxy 2.0?
Yes, we recommend increasing water consumption by at least 1-2 glasses per day when using this product; more if you find yourself feeling thirsty. The reason is that as the oxygen begins to break up the excess waste, the stool is softened, and water is drawn to that area to help flush it out. Taking in more water supports this process and helps ensure you not only get results but stay properly hydrated throughout the process.
Should I take the capsules with food?
To avoid indigestion, we recommend taking them at night, before bed, and ideally 2-3 hours away from food consumption.
Can I take feel good detoxy 2.0 while pregnant or nursing?
Although it’s very gentle (magnesium and oxygen), everyone’s body is different and during pregnancy can be more sensitive. If concerned, always check with your doctor or a qualified medical professional before taking any supplement.
Can I get diarrhea taking feel good detoxy 2.0?
If taken as suggested, you should not experience diarrhea. We recommend starting with 1-2 capsules initially and slowly increase the number of capsules you take based on how your individual body responds.
Are there any side effects?
No "side effects" so to speak, however, there are some potential reactions to be aware of. The more you take, the more likely you are to experience loose stools or even diarrhea-like symptoms. However, this reaction can be minimized by simply taking less. In some cases, depending on the health of your colon, there may be some initial discomfort or cramping due to gas build up before elimination. This is rare, especially if you start slowly, and typically passes in a day or so. With more severe digestive distress, constipation or candida, there may be some initial discomfort until the waste is eliminated and your system is brought into balance. If you experience any cleansing reaction that feels too uncomfortable, either reduce the amount you take or stop taking it completely and consult a medical professional.
How will I know that my digestive system is clean?
Unfortunately, we live in a world where we're constantly exposed to free radicals like smog, airborne pollutants, toxins in our water supply, EMF's from phones, and the list goes on! Because of this, cleansing is an ongoing process that needs to be supported on a continual basis. While you don’t need to cleanse every day, or even every month, we do recommend having feel good detoxy 2.0 on hand and making it a regular part of your wellness program, keeping unhealthy build up at bay, and maintaining your best possible health.
Is it okay to take feel good detoxy 2.0 if I’m taking prescription medications?
Although we’re not aware of any contraindications for feel good detoxy 2.0 and prescription medications, it’s always a good idea to consult with a physician when adding anything new that may affect your current medications.
What is the capsule made of?
Our capsules are made of vegetable cellulose, which, unlike most other brand’s gelatin capsules, are 100% vegan.
What if I cannot swallow the capsules?
If you have trouble swallowing feel good detoxy 2.0, it is safe to open them up and mix the powder with water and drink it.

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